Who We Are

As an eminent player in the energy sector, ZGV proficiently orchestrates the trading and transportation of petroleum products, petrochemicals, and commodities on a global scale. Navigating the global trade landscape for over two decades, our strategic vision revolves around reinforcing our leadership role in the energy domain and responsibly addressing the global energy deficit.

With a diverse array of clients and suppliers spanning the globe, including national and multinational oil companies, as well as prominent industrial and petrochemical entities, ZGV amalgamates its well-honed expertise with cutting-edge technologies to serve as a steadfast partner. Our mission is to generate competitive returns for our collaborators. ZGV offers dependable and cost-effective shipping solutions alongside innovative financial strategies. Risk management stands as a cornerstone of our operational philosophy.


Worldwide Presence

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled services through our seasoned partners &professionals, operational through several offices across the globe.

Our global footprint spans pivotal locations such as Dubai, Turkey, India & Singapore.